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One of the things that frustrated me most after getting into clean eating last year was reading the labels on foods I’d enjoyed for years and realizing they contained lots of ingredients that I didn’t know how to identify, much less pronounce. What was I actually eating? What were these mystery ingredients that I was putting into my body, and why were they there? Shouldn’t food consist only of ingredients that sound like food and not weird chemicals that sound like they were made in a lab?

Lately I’ve been experiencing that frustration all over again as I’ve looked more closely at the list of ingredients on my shower gels, shampoos, makeup and more. What ARE these things? Why are there so many of them? Isn’t there a simpler way to make these products?

I think there IS a simpler way and that’s why I’ve set out to start making more of my own cleaning and beauty products. I realize this is one of those things that’s difficult to talk about without sounding crazy, but: I care about what goes into my body. I care whether it’s through my food or in products absorbed into my bloodstream. I would like to get pregnant this year and I want my baby to live in a sweet, peaceful, natural womb. I don’t want this place to be plagued with weird chemicals I can’t pronounce. I understand that there are millions of products on the market that have been deemed perfectly safe for our consumption, but I personally don’t see what’s safe about things that have been so highly processed. I want to keep things simple. I want to go back to basics.

I’m so early in this process and I know I’ll discover a lot through trial and error. Among those discoveries, I may realize that you really DO need chemical x or y in your shower gel or lipstick because there are no suds or the color doesn’t stay without it. Or I may discover that no, I’m absolutely fine without the store-bought versions. I’m fine creating my own varieties using five or fewer natural ingredients. And maybe I’ll save money and lose some product dependency along the way. Those would certainly be desirable outcomes.

I’m open, though. I’m open to the idea that things might not work perfectly. I may have to make adjustments. Experiment. I think it’s a worthy endeavor, though, so I’m excited to try. Changing the way I ate changed the way I felt and I believe that changing my skin products will, too.

My latest foray into this natural skincare world is making my own shower gel using a super simple, four-ingredient recipe from, which I made even simpler by skipping the essential oils and using only three ingredients.

Here’s what you’ll need: ½ cup liquid castile soap, ½ cup raw honey, ½ cup coconut oil, and 20 drops of essential oil (which I skipped because my liquid castile soap is peppermint and I don’t feel like I need my shower gel to be particularly fragrant).


So that’s it: three ingredients in equal proportion which you simply mix together and call it a day. I melted the coconut oil first and then added the other two ingredients. Peel the label off your old store-bought shower gel, fill it with your shiny new homemade version, and you’re good to go. I can’t wait to try this in my next shower.