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This was my second week using my Class Pass gift card and I decided to step up my game by focusing on barre and Pilates classes. I've taken Pilates in the past, but this was my first foray into the world of barre. Let me tell you: it may look graceful, but it's a tough workout. At one class in particular, I ended the hour drenched in sweat. Though there's a heavy emphasis on glutes and leg work, there were also upper body and cardio intervals thrown in. 

As you may recall, last week I focused on gentle yoga because I didn't want to overtax my body before my half marathon. This week, without a half marathon on the immediate horizon, I was ready to take on some more difficult workouts. The only problem with this strategy: last week was a super-light running week (again: half marathon coming up), but this week was not. Running eight miles after taking a sweaty-intense Barre class? Yikes. But this gift card lasts for one month and I want to take full advantage of it while I have it. 

Barre, although ballet-inspired, is not overly dance-centric, which is great for me as someone with no dance background or rhythm to speak of. On the surface, it honestly looks pretty wimpy: most of the moves use only body weight and the few that use weights are only two to three pounds. But don't mock it until you try it: the tiny moves I did in my barre classes (think lots of tiny pulses) put fire into my muscles. I had no idea such subtle moves could yield such great results.

As for the Pilates classes, they served as a nice balance that prevented my entire week from being too rigorous. Pilates is a slow, gentle workout that doesn't make me sweat but does help me to connect with my mind and body in a more precise way than I normally do. 

My favorite part of the Class Pass experience so far is the shakeup in my regular routine. Two weeks have already flown by, so I'm halfway through the whole experience. Next week, I'm going to up my food intake to counteract the extra calorie burn (a step I neglected this week, which led to me being way too hungry and making a few less-than-ideal food choices). 

I can't wait to see what the next two weeks bring.