It's June! You know what that means, right? To remind you from last month: I decided that starting in June, I would do one weekly post that was accessible to my patrons only. This is my way of showing my appreciation for their support. These posts will be available on Patreon only and will include material not available on my blog. This may mean a special post that can only be found on Patreon. This may mean extra or more in-depth info to expand on a blog post. This may mean a behind-the-scenes look at something from the blog. And sometimes, like today, it may mean an announcement that I reveal to my patrons BEFORE I write about it on my blog. 

If you'd like access to early, more extensive, or more behind-the-scenes info than what's posted weekly on this blog, please consider becoming a patron so you can read a weekly patrons-only post that goes beyond what you'll find here. You can become a patron by donating $1 a week. (P.S. I'm all about supply and demand, so my ultimate goal is for enough people to sign up as my patrons that I can start charging only $1 every other week.)

Why do I need patrons? I need patrons because I work on this time-consuming blog on my own time for no pay. I do not use ads or sponsors. I often share food recipes and DIY beauty and household cleaning recipes and I buy all the ingredients out of my own pocket. 

I love food and fitness and my goal is always to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Some days I talk about half marathons and other days I talk about cupcakes. I love sharing recipes, DIY tutorials, tips, and stories from my life as I strive for balance. It is a joy for me to share all of this with you but it is an expense for me as well in terms of both the time I spend on it and the literal money I spend buying ingredients for recipes. I'm not trying to make a profit or a living off my blog, but getting a few bucks to help with the groceries each week is an immense help.

If you're interested, become a patron and get immediate patrons-only access to posts like the one for today, where you can be the first to learn about news before it's addressed on this blog. Whether you support me by donating financially or just reading and sharing my work, I appreciate you. Thank you. I have a lot of fun making this blog and I hope you have fun reading it, too.

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