Mike and I realized we didn't have a lot (or any?) pictures of the two of us together during my pregnancy, especially now that my belly is so prominent. 


Hiring a photographer was not in the budget, but my parents were nice enough to come over on Saturday and take some quick digital pictures.


I am a little over 37 weeks pregnant in all of these photos.


Here is this year's Halloween costume.


After the quick photo session and some lunch, we stopped in at an eco-friendly baby store. They had this little area set up where they were encouraging customers to take pictures with a pumpkin, so we added some more photos to the day.


Since we're now considered full-term, our baby in theory could come any time now.


Yesterday we finished our sixth session of a six-week birth class.


I'm fine with the baby coming a little early (if that's what the baby wants to do) but Mike and I both really wanted to get through October since it had always been in our minds that we were having a November baby. We just need to get through today and we're there!


It is also my personal wish to get through the election before the baby is born since there is so much weird election energy in the air. We'll see if the baby agrees.


We were able to get my parents/ our photographers in front of the camera for this one. Thank you Mom and Dad for helping us document this ninth month of pregnancy!

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